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At this point in time, most of the effort in structural biology is spent on protein expression and crystallization. Indeed, a structure usually follows quite quickly once good crystals have been obtained. Furthermore, the information content of the final structure is dependent on the quality of the crystals themselves. For this reason, the Rayment Laboratory devotes considerable time to developing the skills and enthusiasm needed to grow terrific crystals. A few of the crystals used in recent and past studies are shown here.

Myosin Subfragment 1 (PDB ID: 2MYS)

Three-dimensional structure of myosin subfragment-1: a molecular motor. Rayment, I., Rypniewski, W.R., Schmidt-Base, K., Smith, R., Tomchick, D.R., Benning, M.M., Winkelmann, D.A., Wesenberg, G., Holden, H.M. (1993) Science 261: 50-58

Initial crystals of myosin subfragment 1 Crystals of Myosin   Structure of myosin subfragment 1

Transposase (PDB ID: 1MUH)

Three-dimensional structure of the Tn5 synaptic complex transposition intermediate. Davies, D.R., Goryshin, I.Y., Reznikoff, W.S., Rayment, I. (2000) Science 289: 77-85

Transposase protein crystal Structure of Transposase

Cnm67 (PDB ID: 3OA7)

​Structure-function analysis of the C-terminal domain of CNM67, a core component of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae spindle pole body. Klenchin VA, Frye JJ, Jones MH, Winey M, Rayment I. (2011) J. Biol. Chem. 286: 18240-50.

Cnm67 Protein Crystals   Structure of Cnm67

SHD-Kar3Vik1 (PDB ID: 4ETP)

Kar3Vik1, a member of the Kinesin-14 superfamily, shows a Novel Kinesin Microtubule Binding Pattern. Rank, K.C., Chen, C.J., Cope, J., Porche, K., Hoenger, A., Gilbert, S.P., Rayment, I. (2012) J. Cell. Biol. 197: 957-970.

SHD-Kar3Vik1 CrystalsStructure of SHD-Kar3Vik1


Structural organization of FtsB, a transmembrane protein of the bacterial divisome. LaPointe LM, Taylor KC, Subramaniam S, Khadria A, Rayment I, Senes A. (2013) Biochemistry 52: 2574-85.

Crystals of FtsB    Structure of FtsB

Tropomyosin (PDB ID: 3MUD)

Structure of the tropomyosin overlap complex from chicken smooth muscle: insight into the diversity of N-terminal recognition. Frye, J., Klenchin, V.A., Rayment, I. (2010) Biochemistry 49: 4908-4920

Tropomyosin crystals    Structure of tropomyosin

Myosin Bound to Ulapualide (PDB ID: 1S22)

Absolute stereochemistry of ulapualide A. Allingham, J.S., Tanaka, J., Marriott, G., Rayment, I. (2004) Org. Lett. 6: 597-599

Crystals of myosin bound to ulapualide   Structure of myosin bound to ulapualide

Dictyostelium Myosin II motor domain (S1dC) complexed with MgADP·BeFx (PDB ID: 1MMD)

X-ray structures of the myosin motor domain of Dictyostelium discoideum complexed with MgADP.BeFx and MgADP.AlF4-. Fisher, A.J., Smith, C.A., Thoden, J.B., Smith, R., Sutoh, K., Holden, H.M., Rayment, I. (1995) Biochemistry 34: 8960-8972

Crystals of dictyostelium myosin II motor    Structure of dictyostelium myosin II motor